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Strengthen your core with a fun balanced workout

Sustain all the activities you love in your life, for longer
Full training package that targets your whole body
Avoid common injuries even with one session a week

Pilates classes in Cairns

With easy to understand guidance, you will learn how to activate and strengthen your core which is a great addition to your overall training routine.

Matwork pilates

We offer you a core strength, full-body workout using bands and body resistance. Each session includes exercises aimed at improving your posture, core stability, and your spine.

So much of what we do each day relies on a solid, strong core to keep us moving well and avoiding common injuries. Yet it’s easy to forget the basics. Our core is an often neglected area of our bodies that need extra attention. Pilates can help you reactivate and strengthen your core so you’ll feel confident, balanced, and strong as you go about your day.

Prevent injury

Pilates focuses on strengthening your core and body in functional ways. This will help you avoid common problems that occur over time through day to day activities. For instance, when you sit for hours behind a desk, lean over to tie your shoelaces, or carry groceries.

Pilates is a low-cost, fun, and effective way to keep you away from the doctor - and unwanted side effects that go hand-in-hand with long-term medicines. Avoid the costs, pain, and stress of injuries with regular pilates.

Complement your existing training routine

Through a progressive pilates program, you’ll build strength, muscle tone, balance, and flexibility. This is a great way to enhance your current fitness routine.

As your body adapts, we’ll offer more challenging exercises so you’ll avoid plateau and continually progress in your fitness goals. Whether you’re injured and working at getting back to everyday movement, or want to develop strength and flexibility, your fully qualified and experienced practitioner, Sharon, can help you get there.


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I really enjoyed Pilates whilst visiting from Melbourne


Thanks for the motivation Sharon