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One On One Personal Training

Sorry this service is currently suspended due to COVID-19...
stay safe & happy we'll be back soon!

Tailored program to fit your training and life goals

Achieve health and fitness goals faster with personalised help

Regular reviews to benchmark and track progress

Open to all ages especially seniors aged 55+ 

One On One Personal Training Cairns

Summit is about giving you a friendly, safe and non-judgemental training environment, to help you fulfill individual goals. We welcome all levels of fitness, with a view of it’s never too late to “just start”.

Some clients want to recover from a previous injury, some are looking for something to assist them with an ongoing health problem, while others want to see how their body can improve in health and strength.

Private personal training can help you achieve your goals through ongoing accountability, goal setting, motivation, and a personalised exercise program to suit your needs.

Before you begin training


  • Consult with you: about your personal fitness, health, and overall life goals
  • Do a fitness assessment: includes measurements, and your ability to do planks, squats, sit ups, and other basic exercises. This will form a benchmark for your progress.
  • Take before photos: to compare with photos taken in future

Tailored program

We’ll tailor a program specifically for you. This may include:

  • Weight training
  • Body weight training
  • Core training
  • Stretches
  • Rehab-specific exercises

Props may include dumbbells, pilates ball, resistance bands, and more.

During sessions

You’ll be guided through during each session:

No need to think about what exercises to do.

No worry about whether you’ll injure yourself.

No need to get caught up in diets and other fads.


  • Spot you and counsel you through the journey.
  • Adapt the program as you progress
  • Help you with lifestyle areas such as nutrition, sleep, and more.

Every 6 months

We’ll review your fitness every 6 months including:

  • Photo to compare with before training
  • Fitness assessment
  • Chat about your progress and goals

This is how you’ll continually head toward your goals and enjoy the health, fitness, and lifestyle you want.  

Qualified and experienced training and nutrition coach

Sharon is a qualified personal trainer, a Matwork Pilates Instructor, and dance instructor for BJP Physical Culture. She believes cross-training is a great way to a healthy body and mind and often incorporates aspects of these areas into training sessions.

Live life at your best

With strength and confidence comes health and joy. We encourage you to keep your body in great condition, whether you are retired or in your youth. Regardless of your health background, you can improve your physical situation by working with an enthusiastic, caring and motivating personal trainer. 

Our approach

At Summit our core belief is that your fitness journey should not be a complex one or should it be expensive. Summit’s ethos is one day at a time. That’s why we’ll work with you on a 24-hour wellness cycle.

Exercise isn’t the be all and end all of everything.

We’ll help you find a balance between daily work, fitness routines, food preparation, and mental health, especially when some days seem a little tougher than others. Then we train, retain, maintain, adjust and repeat.

Lifelong learners welcome

Regardless of your age, if you love to learn you will be satisfied at Summit Fitness. A personal trainer can teach you how to train for life.

Learn how to exercise right, and see how your physical routines can complement nutrition and lifestyle choices to keep your body functioning beautifully.

Protect yourself from injury by learning from an experienced sport lover, with correct posture and technique involved in your program from the very beginning.

Note: All sessions are held outdoors

Sharon has been fantastic working and planning programs around my ability to work out and getting me results, would highly recommend


Sharon is wonderful, she puts up with me twice a week but has completely turned my life around after my accident, I feel amazing