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Do you just want to get fit?
Are you stuck in a rut?
Finding it hard to exercise on your own?

When you just want to get fit yet struggle to find the motivation to exercise on your own, the community at Summit Fitness is the perfect environment to help you get started to train towards your next goal.

Fitness services Cairns

Our approach


Summit training is for all levels of fitness, with a view of it’s never too late to “just start”. We offer a friendly, safe and non-judgemental training environment to help you reach your individual goals.

At Summit our core belief is that your fitness journey should not be complex or expensive. And don’t be fooled that to reach the “summit” of your wellness you need to train hard.

Health isn’t just about exercise

At Summit we understand that health does not just involve exercise. Fitness is a part of wellness. Overall wellness involves choices, exercise, your mindset, listening to your body, together with rest and relaxation.

One day at a time

Our ethos is one day at a time. That’s why we work with you on a 24-hour wellness cycle. It’s important to balance daily work, fitness routines, food preparation, and mental health, especially when some days seem a little tougher than others. Then we train, retain, maintain, adjust and repeat.

Live life at your best

With strength and confidence comes health and joy. We encourage you to keep your body in great condition, whether you are retired or in your youth. Regardless of your health background, you can improve your physical situation by working with an enthusiastic, caring and motivating personal trainer.

Community and connection

We’re all wired to connect. That’s why we offer you a friendly environment where you can surround yourself with like-minded people - to exercise and enjoy a chat at our local cafe about the week’s adventures.

With a friend by your side, you can reach higher, take another step, and celebrate the achievements. Be part of something great. Join us!

Seniors welcome

As we move toward in our more senior years it helps us to feel a sense of achievement with our overall health.

We offer a dedicated seniors class (55+) to help with the specific needs of seniors, for instance, muscle retention and balance. Our participants also enjoy the social aspect of training together, having a laugh and a chat makes the sessions fun.

Who we are

Hi I am Sharon, and really enjoy inspiring others with the love of exercising outdoors and training in and around beautiful Palm Cove, Northern Beaches of Cairns. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Mat Work Pilates Instructor and Dance Instructor for BJP Physical Culture. I believe cross training is great for your overall health and well-being and I often incorporate aspects of these within all my training sessions.

What they say

I really enjoyed Pilates whilst visiting from Melbourne


Thanks for the motivation Sharon


Great boxing sessions Sharon! Can’t wait to come back and play again


Sharon has been fantastic working and planning programs around my ability to work out and getting me results, would highly recommend


Sharon is wonderful, she puts up with me twice a week but has completely turned my life around after my accident, I feel amazing


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